At HEALTHWORKS PROS, LLC, we envision a future where equitable access to comprehensive healthcare services empowers marginalized communities to thrive and achieve optimal well-being. Our commitment is to create a healthcare ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering inclusivity, dignity, and respect for all individuals regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or background.

We aspire to be a beacon of hope and healing, breaking down systemic barriers and addressing the unique needs of underserved populations through integrated, culturally competent care. By leveraging a holistic approach that encompasses medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health, we aim to promote health equity, reduce disparities, and uplift communities towards resilience and self-empowerment.

Through collaborative partnerships with community organizations, advocacy groups, and policymakers, we strive to amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized and advocate for systemic change that advances health justice for all. Our vision is not only to provide healthcare services but also to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment, where every individual feels valued, supported, and empowered to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Together, we are building a future where healthcare is a fundamental human right, accessible to all, and where every person has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances. This is our vision, and we are committed to making it a reality.

HEALTHWORK PROS, LLC maintains a commitment to long-term recovery, and provides 12-week, in-person Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services under its Healing to Empower for Life Program (HELP).

This treatment service is open to anyone, whether they are beginning their recovery, at that lower level of care, transitioning from Residential Program, or admitting from elsewhere.

An IOP is designed for individuals who are interested in drug abstinence, but whose drinking or drug use behavior may not meet Level 3 ASAM criteria for a residential level of care.

IOP is ideal for someone who wants to:
Achieve abstinence
Foster changes in behavior that supports a recovery lifestyle
Facilitate active participation in community-based support groups
Identify and address a range of psychosocial problems (includingemployment, adherence to probation, housing, financial planning,relationships)
Develop a positive supportive recovery network
Improve problem-solving skills and coping strategies in staying abstinent

Unlike Residential Treatment, IOP allows you to live at home, work, and engage in your community while building recovery skills. Additionally, IOP increases the frequency of contact with treatment providers and includes 9 hours of programming, spread over 3 days, each week.

  • If you are considering harming yourself or others, please call 9-8-8 immediately!
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment now available through our HEAL 567 NJ HEALS (567.654.3257)
If you are considering harming yourself or others, please call 9-8-8 immediately!